Allergy Systems & Humidity

Allergy Systems & Filter upgrades

Most of us know how much a pain allergies are and how much we suffer. Well there is a solution. Upgraded filter cabinets and whole house HEPA systems can solve it by removing more dust and allergens from your home. Most upgraded filters can be attached to your existing system. Upgraded filter cabinets work on a bigger surface area. They catch small particles cheap fiberglass filters are unable to. They also do not get clogged as fast as the pleated filters from the store, which tell you they last for three months, but are usually only good for one. Pleated filters get clogged so quick they do not allow the proper airflow to your system which can cause costly repairs. The upgraded filters usually only need to be replaced twice a year. Hepa systems are great because most of them have a two to three step filtering process and they come in different sizes depending on your needs. Hepa systems can be installed in a room in your house or on your existing duct work by the furnace. Give one of our techs a call to help reduce your suffering today.

Whole House Dehumidifiers

Does it feel damp or do you have too much humidity in your basement, condo or home? A whole house dehumidifier may be your answer. A whole house dehumidifier will take excess moisture and humidity out of your home attached to your hvac system. Call and ask one of our trained techs today.