Boiler Repair & Installation

Installing a boiler the proper way is the most important step of a reliable worry free system.

When we install a boiler system if it is installed to the manufacturers specs, we always go above and beyond what most will do to ensure the best install for our customers. In the world of boilers with most contractors not being properly trained in hydronics 90% of boilers are not installed to the manufacturers specs.  “Rule of thumb” even when installed this way for years does not make it right.

Boilers are an extremely reliable comfortable heat when properly designed and installed.  We work closely with the boiler manufacturer and engineers.  Having a good relationship with the manufacturer and having continual education through the factory keeps Expert Plumbing Heating & Electrical at the top of the list for the best service and installs.

On a service call on an existing boiler, we will not only correct any issues and get the heat back on line, we will talk to our customers and see if they have any comfort or noise issues with the heat once we evaluate the boiler system we will educate the customer on the proper solutions to correct any heating issues and quote repairs.

If your current boiler makes noise, does not heat evenly, if you have to bleed air out of the system every year or more, if your pressure relief valve opens chances are the boiler was not properly installed.  Not only will these conditions cause heating issues it will cause premature boiler failure and costly repairs.

Noisy boilers are not normal this condition can be caused by many reasons.  The pump could be oversized, the pump could have been installed on the wrong side of the boiler.  The boiler may not have the proper air eliminator or may be installed on the wrong location.  Noise can be caused from a failing or wrong size expansion tank when a boiler is properly installed, all these conditions go away.  It is not normal to have to bleed air out of the boiler system unless a repair has been made.

Boiler Installation

A properly installed boiler starts with consulting with a customer to determine their needs.  Going over any heating, noise issues you may be experiencing.  We will guide you through the process of choosing the proper boiler and boiler efficiency to meet your needs and house needs as well. We will look at your whole house as a “system”.

Once we choose the proper boiler this is where we will design and engineer the proper piping and layout of our new boiler.  The install is the most important part of the system.  A boiler is only as good as the install.  Everything has to be taken into consideration. Pipe sizing, pump location and size proper air eliminator, properly sized expansion tank.  Every boiler install we will design and draw a layout of the exact install.  This process takes time and will ensure a professional perfectly operating boiler system.

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