Backflow Testing Service from as low as $50

Do you need backflow testing for something you have connected to the water mains, like a boiler, sprinkler system, medical equipment, restaurant equipment or something else. Expert Plumbing Heating & Electrical offers backflow testing, replacement and repair. Expert is available 24/7 for any situation too. We have you covered all day, every day. It's easy to make your back flow devices worry free.

What is Backflow Testing, Exactly?

For our purposes here, backflow is the undesired reverse flow of contaminants into the potable water from privately owned equipment connected to public water mains.

Say somebody has some industrial equipment hooked up to water and it requires chemicals to be mixed in. We don't really want that somehow coming back out into the mains and someone drinking it later. Usually it's a far more mundane risk, but the solution is always the same and backflow prevention system. These are usually simply called "backflows"

They need to be tested to ensure they work properly every year, because if they don't, it's effectively like it doesn't exist at all, which is dangerous to the public at large. Thus the mandatory testing and filing of paperwork with the city.

Why Expert Plumbing Heating & Electrical?

For the last 20 years Expert has been testing, repairing and replacing every kind of make and model device. From duel checks to vacuum breakers Expert knows them all & can handle any volume of devices from one to thousands.

Expert Plumbing actually holds an Illinois Cross-Connection Control Device Inspectors (CCCDI)​ license, which is required for valid testing. 

Many people end up online looking around after someone tells them their system needs to be replaced. We can give you that second opinion or alternative repair solution.

We will handle it all for you. We remember when it's up for testing and contact you to arrange a service call. We do the testing and file the paperwork with the city, keep a copy on file at our office, and provide you with a copy. Compliance paperwork for everyone's filing cabinet!


  • Testing of each backflow device
  • Certification of all passing equipment
  • Keeping records of the make and model of your equipment
  • Storage of all available device replacement parts
  • Cleaning & exercising of device as needed
  • Routine Maintenance on surrounding valves
  • Complete A to Z creation, filing, and confirmation of city paperwork as required by law


Our Experts do a customer site survey and record all the pertinent information.

Our Experts perform the backflow testing to establish a baseline test date and to do routine maintenance tasks

Expert Plumbing Heating & Electrical compile certification paperwork for submission to the city

Expert Plumbing Heating & Electrical files the documents with the appropriate authorities which retains documentation and reports to proper city office. 

Expert Plumbing Heating & Electrical keeps track of when the Backflow testing needs to happen and schedules accordingly.

We will contact you annually asking for a convenient time to come test  the backflow devices for this calendar year, Once test has been paid, we will file results and will receive confirmation of filing submission from proper authorities.

Actual pricing will depend on quantity of devices and does not include filing fees