Sump Pump Repair/Installation

Expert Plumbing Heating Electrical sells only durable, long-lasting cast iron sump pumps. Pro Series is our preferred brand and we always have their products in stock at Expert Plumbing Heating Electrical. Be it an emergency or just a precautionary measure, we are ready to quickly install your new sump pump. All sump pump installations come with a one year guarantee on parts and labor. Also, you’ll have nothing to worry about with our 24/7 service. Pro Series cast iron pumps have lift arm floats which we find to have the fewest issues with repair.

Sump Pump Battery Backup

 A good sump pump can last thirty years but a battery back up is the smart way to protect your family, especially considering a heavy storm might take out power just as you need it most.

Expert Plumbing Heating Electrical recommends only the finest and most customer-friendly battery backup systems. The Pro Series 2400 is our preferred model. With its LCD display for simple troubleshooting, it’s easy to operate for just about anyone. We can match systems to your needs to supply optimum security and peace of mind. Contact us today with any questions you may have regarding battery backups and our professional installations.