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Backflow Testing

Backflow or RPZ testing at flat rate prices no matter what size. Discounts on quantity testing. Expert Plumbing Heating Electrical offers professionally licensed backflow testing for both residential and commercial applications. Special pricing is available for quantity testing. Contact Expert Plumbing Heating Electrical with your testing or repair needs and we will do our best to match any budget you may have. Watts, Zurn, Febco, ect… testing and repair up to 24″

Battery Back Ups

Expert Plumbing Heating Electrical recommends only the finest and most customer-friendly battery backup systems. The Pro Series 2400 is our preferred model. With its LCD display for simple troubleshooting, it’s easy to operate for just about anyone. We can match systems to your needs to supply optimum security and peace of mind. Contact us today with any questions you may have regarding battery backups and our professional installations.


Not sure whats happening in your sewer line? We can tell whether or not you need repair or just a simple cleaning. Roots, breaks, install a clean out, get the expert price first. Mention this article and we will come out for a free sewer repair estimate. Expert Plumbing Heating Electrical offers video inspection of sewer and waste lines, and always supplies a copy to the customer for their review. This process helps eliminate worrying about the condition of your sewer service. When in doubt, video inspect it out. Professional analysis always accompanies our inspections. Not sure if the your municipality will help with your repair? Expert can tell exactly what portion of repair is your responsibility. Call us today.

Frozen Pipes

In colder months when water lines freeze, do not wait for them to thaw, causing countless dollars in damage. Contact Expert Plumbing Heating Electrical for expedient repair. Expert Plumbing Heating Electrical offers full home inspections and can locate and thaw frozen water lines. Water can cause more damage then a fire in your home. Expert Plumbing Heating Electrical can repair any pipe you have from the city main in your street to the top of your house. Twenty Four ( 24 ) hours a day seven ( 24/7 ) we are here to serve you or to save you.

Gas Lines

Expert Plumbing Heating Electrical offers full gas leak detection, repair, or reconstruction of gas lines in both residential and commercial structures. Underground gas lines such as those that run to barbecue grills, pool heaters, and the like are our specialty. Expert can install natural gas/CO2 detectors for maximum safety in your home. Expert can test for any questionable aromas and pinpoint their source. Expert can remedy your conditions so you can sleep at night.


When you are remodeling your bathroom, Expert Plumbing Heating Electrical offers full online shopping. We can provide you with a quote on price and availability for the fixtures you select, and we would be happy to quote the installation costs for any new bath that does not currently exist in your home. We can provide sewer, water, electrical and heating and air for your next remodel. Work is done to code so you won’t have issues should you decide to sell. Best work and best materials for the best and longest lasting installs. Call Expert Plumbing Heating Electrical in Naperville Il.

Sewer Rodding & Repair

Expert Plumbing is equipped with the finest root removal and drain rodding equipment. Be it a kitchen sink, a bathtub, or your main sewer, we are prepared to solve your problem quickly. Expert Plumbing also offers jet rodding for homes, restaurants, or storm sewers and we’re equipped with excavation equipment and materials to do sewer line repair, no matter what the condition. Jet rodding for washing away the years of build up in house and storm sewer lines. Expandable root cutting heads to make sure your pipe is as clean as when it was installed. Sewer Camera to show you the difference we can make in your sewer lines.

Sump Pumps

Expert Plumbing Heating Electrical sells only durable, long-lasting cast iron sump pumps. Pro Series is our preferred brand and we always have their products in stock at Expert Plumbing Heating Electrical. Be it an emergency or just a precautionary measure, we are ready to quickly install your new sump pump. All sump pump installations come with a one year guarantee on parts and labor. Also, you’ll have nothing to worry about with our 24/7 service. Pro Series cast iron pumps have lift arm floats which we find to have the fewest issues with repair. A good sump pump can last thirty years but a battery-back is the smart way to protect your family.

Water Heaters

Expert Plumbing Heating Electrical offers all types and sizes of water heaters. We carry home residential units from 45,000 BTU to commercial units at 350,000 BTU. Our preferred brand is Bradford White and at Expert Plumbing, their products are always in stock. If you are lacking in hot water for your shower or Jacuzzi, we have the remedy. Contact us for installation prices at (877) 579-1996. Want to know if a tankless heater is right for you? What are the costs? What are the down falls?

Water Lines

Whether you have banging pipes, or just low water pressure, our repair technicians have the answers you need. It is Expert Plumbing Heating Electrical’s goal to troubleshoot and solve your problems when it comes to water lines. We can supply new water lines from city mains or throughout your basement. We can test pressure and repair breaks. Contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your water lines.

Water Saving Toilets

Worried about giving up your old toilet because the new ones just don’t flush? Expert Plumbing carries a full line of water-saving, 1.6 gallon toilets. Our recommended products are guaranteed to flush. Guaranteed parts and labor for one full year. Expert Plumbing currently has a special on one of our favorite water-saving toilets, the Kohler “Cimarron,” designed specifically to dispose of even the largest problems in just one flush.

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